I have a focused investment in ensuring that traumatized children and their families have access to the best therapy services available. Towards this end, I have developed and implemented an integrated, trauma-focused assessment and treatment process that is developmentally-sensitive, and does not over-rely on verbal communication. The use of the expressive arts are woven into our treatment approaches, along with other effective, evidence-based strategies.

Therapy Services


We are a trauma-focused group private practice that provides integrated assessment and treatment services that offer an array of specialized services that incorporate expressive therapies.

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Starbright Training

Starbright Training Institute provides therapists with experiential learning in trauma-related topics incorporating play and other expressive therapies.

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Licensed mental health professionals and those in training, can contact me for consultation or supervision in marital and family therapy as well as play therapy.


About Me

I have over 40 years of experience working with families and children in need of therapeutic services, and I have contributed to the study of mental and emotional health in children and families. In addition to my therapy services, I lecture, write books/articles, am involved with Gil Institute therapy services and am the Director of the Starbright Institute, which trains other therapists in fields related to child therapy.

Contact Me

Contact me today to discuss what is upsetting you. I hope my experience can help you find joy and success for your child and family.

I am available for phone and internet consultation.

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